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November 2012

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How To Date In The Internet Age

The dating world has changed a lot in the last decade. From the 50's to the new millennium, things were about the same, and before 1950, things were the same for hundreds of years. With the preponderance of electronic connection options now available to everyone, you are usually just a thought away from someone. So where in previous decades you could go all day without talking to your main squeeze, no-a-days it is pretty much expected that you connect at least a couple of times each day. In the spirit of brotherhood, I have taken the time to highlight a few good ideas that you should consider when dating someone in this brave new world!

Emailing Her At Work

Almost every white collar worker has a computer at their disposal in their job place now. This is an opportunity for you to send some little "thinking about you" note. Although you may be tempted to include some cute photo of you and her smooching, or other more intimate stuff, do not do so. Email in the work place is not private, and is often monitored by the computer department. Sending intimate information into a corporation can diminish your girlfriend in the eyes of others at work, especially if she is in any sort of supervisory position. Many people think that email is as private as snail mail. It is not. It is actually the property of whoever runs the computers that the email is sitting on. In this case, the employer. They are free to read it, and if they find anything in it that they do not like, they can fire her. Many employees have found this out the hard way!

Other Dudes Posting on her Facebook Wall

No matter how inappropriate a random yahoo is on your girlfriend’s Facebook wall, don’t lose your cool. Don’t get jealous. If she’s a quality lady, she’ll tell the dude to clean it up or she’ll un-friend him (unless it really us just harmless bantering between old friends). If you ever see the dude in public, you can always have a discussion as to why he thinks it is appropriate to treat her like a whore in front of her other friends on Facebook. If he is really a friend, he will stop.

Turn Down The Answering Machine

You never know who will call you or what they will say. An inopportune call from your ex girlfriend could be totally misunderstood. No matter if you intend to get back with your ex or not, it is best to avoid the drama. So leave the machine off, and check your messages in private.

Get Up With Her, Then Go Back to Sleep

Many women are very career oriented now. A lot of women have to get up really early to get to work and start. If she stayed the night, you will score big points by getting up with her in the early morning hours when she rises. Make her a tea. She’ll be so happy that you didn’t just lie in bed while she got up that you will likely get some sugar later that night. Plus, you can go right back to sleep once she leaves. This is the best nooky-getting gimmick ever!

Use Your Smart phone Reminders

Use the technology you have in your pocket to your advantage. Even if you do not use it on a regular basis now, you will find that it can be really useful to you. Besides the obvious of plugging in birthday, anniversary, and stuff, you should also plug in a monthly reminder of your first date (after a year change it to a yearly reminder). Include information in the notes section of the reminder about what she was wearing, where you went, what you talked about, and any other trivia that happened that day. Program it to remind you a week out so you can make arrangements for that special memory, such as reservations or flowers. Also have it remind you the day before just in case you get focused on something else. You will be rewarded with adult fun.

Keep Your Bedding Clean

This one is obvious, but necessary. Women love getting into a bed with fresh sheets and pillowcases that smell like fabric softener. They do not like getting into a bed with cracker crumbs and drool stains on the pillows.

A Day At The Sex Store

There is nothing worse than breaking out a funky sex toy or costume that you bought for your new girlfriend; only to find out she doesn’t like it, or it doesn’t fit. The reason is that if the merchandise is unacceptable to her, you cannot return it. Might as well have just flushed the money down the toilet! Go for a drink to get her inhibitions loose, and then take her to the adult shop. She can pick out what she wants, and that night you can have some real fun.

Have fun out there!

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