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November 2012

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Foot Bondage in Workplace Fashion

Where will women's foot fashion go next.

Lately, women are squeezing their agonized tootsies into bondage booties and traipsing down their respective community sidewalks looking like something out of some B movie.

It would seem that the fembots of fashion have determined that BDSM chic has supplanted punk chic thus making women everywhere look as if their feet have been ensnared by intertwining snakes.

In most places, women’s sandals have grown into something Attila the Hun would wear on one of his nastier days. Even fashion articles have difficulty articulating this new trend to BDSM chic.

Bondage and BDSM in general is the core for this new design trend. Probably this is just the natural (unnatural?) outcome after the punk chic types of young female singer fashions you see in the music world. One blog describes it as: “Like so many other things that were only recently considered too sexually charged to see the light of day, in a few short years the leather harness has infiltrated the realms of what we consider fashionable.”

Gotta love that if you are a warm blooded male!

When bondage fashion first started to make the scene a couple of years ago, it was mostly leather, studs with the occasional chain.  Currently it has moved to more explicit representation of dominatrix chic apparel. Soon, every self-respecting secretary will feel the compulsion to appear at work in jack boots, a leather uniform and dual whips. Every supervisor's dream I am sure.

Soon there may be a wide array of  bondage based workplace accoutrements!
New catalog lists might include: captive visitor chairs, whipping posts, leather whips, prisoner stocks, and tie down desks! What better way to set an example to other employees for mis-behavior in the workplace! Just think about it! An office spanking or whipping could be the ultimate perk for a BDSM employee – you may have to give it to them as a reward for good behavior, and regular employees as a punishment for bad behavior.

I guess my mind has wandered too much as I see this poor wretches hobble along. Sure makes me wonder though. What the heck are you women thinking about?  Ditch this crap for crying out loud! You have nothing to gain but your dignity! Strike a blow for sensible shoes!

Generations of women fought for equality in the workplace, for control over their own bodies and for a right to self-determination. But did that fight include the right to orthopedic surgery? I suppose it must have since so many women seem so hell bent in traveling down that road.

As this new generation of women dress for work every morning in their leather fashion uniform of the season, they see only the mean bitch of a boss they hope to be some day!

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